Climate Climbing

We're climbing so the climate doesn't have to.

About The Challenge

We're climbing so the climate doesn't have to.

In December 2018 Jack turned 25 and to mark the occasion he and his girlfriend have been bringing friends and family together to climb mountains (and hills) across the UK to the height of Everest. Our goal is to raise £1500 while Jack's 25 for some of the most effective climate solutions. Add your support today to keep the climb going.

The earth’s climate has been knocked out of balance, and it’s making life harder for the world’s poorest people. It is a challenge like no other but together we can restore the balance, and build a better future.


With your support the £1500 we raise will go to two of the most effective causes to limit the impacts of climate change: projects like increasing access to renewable energy with Tearfund and defending rainforests with Cool Earth.

.​​Together, we can see climate change tackled. Please do add your support!


The journey so far

How we'll get there this year:

About the charities


Cool Earth works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change.


According to Drawdown, protecting rainforests is one of the most effective ways to prevent climate change from getting worse, and CoolEarth's model is empowering and community-led.


Tearfund is a Christian charity, helping communities to overcome poverty and live life to the full.

By supporting communities gain access to renewable energy, they're helping the 1 billion people without power to have cheap, clean and more reliable electricity while avoiding future dependency on fossil fuels.

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