• Jack Wakefield

And up we go... when the going gets tough(er)

After a few smaller walks to get us going earlier in the challenge, this North Pennines hike was the biggest yet - but nothing in comparison to what is to come!

After a day with Just Love in Durham, three of us headed out to an old farm house for a good nights sleep before the next walk in our Climate Climbing challenge.

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The scenery was stunning, and it only got better as we walked. There was still some snow around and the wind was powerful and bitterly cold, but the beautiful views over the vast and harsh landscape, lunch beside a waterfall, and two more waterfalls further down the walk by far made up for the harsh conditions!

This challenge is such a treat in many ways, exploring and celebrating some of the most beautiful places in Britain. But on the way home that evening, we were reminded why we were doing it.

On Radio 1 was a 40 minute show all about eco-anxiety, which they defined as the anxiety and stress many of us experience about the future of our societies due to climate change and environmental breakdown. In the middle of the show was an interview with a marine researcher, who tracks the impacts of climate change on marine life.

We listened to him explain how after some research dives he just lets the boat drift, and cries into his mask as he realises it's all dying. Our climate has been knocked out of balance and it's impacting everything we love and rely on.

The three of us listened with conflicting emotions:

- Joy that the issue was getting mainstream coverage,

- Heartbreak as we were reminded of why we'd been out in the cold and wind all day.

- Determination to keep talking about it, and keep doing all we can to change it.

The researcher finished his interview by reminding us all that there is so much still in our power to save, if we do it now.

Will join us now in putting a stop to climate change?

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