• Jack Wakefield

Christmas Sunburn the UK

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

The climb to the height of Everest has begun - even if we're still in the foothills. And it came with some surprises too!

- Exmoor mud can be dangerously deep

- Boxing day sun can leave your face tingling and red

- And even if it's wintery and cold, I was sweaty and tired from two short walks :O

It was pretty muddy!

As 2019 begins, I'm excited about our adventures to come - and your support keeping us going too ;)

I'm excited about the huge potential as we build a better future together, with electric cars improving, renewable energy growth soaring, and even a vegan sausage roll from Greggs - but I'm also worried about how Climate Change will rear it's head over the next 12 months and the people it will impact the most.

2018 ended with the release of a shocking report about the huge cost of climate change during the year, and this year risks being even worse - but together we really can make a difference. You can join us by adding your support to some of the most effective climate solutions as we build a better future together.

Finally at the top of our Selworthy Climb!

Over the Christmas period we climbed to the highest point on Exmoor with my parents (Dunkery Beacon) and then went on a muddy adventure around Selworthy with friends the very next day. It was a super fun start and I can't wait for the longer walks!

In total, we've reached about 350m of our 8800m climb.... we still wouldn't be anywhere near the Everest Base Camp yet.

Why not encourage us along the way with some new year generosity?

You can find our fundraising page here, and don't forget to gift aid ;)

The top of Exmoor!