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No rest for the wicked

We got home from the Cairngorms on the Saturday and by Friday we were back in the countryside preparing for another walk the following day! This time in the beautiful and homely south west, on Dartmoor and the Quantocks.

Working out how to get over three rivers (and falling in once - oops!), carefully crossing through a bog, weaving between the cows and passing a weird burial site (more on that below) we managed to add a respectable 510m to our total, nudging us that bit closer to the finish line. It was great to be back walking with Mum & Dad again, and their company also helped ensure each walk started and ended by a good pub!

With just a couple walks to go we'd LOVE your support. We've enjoyed hearing about people reading the blog and liking the photos but our real goal is to raise money for vital climate solutions. 1 in 7 people have no electricity, but through Tearfund many people are gaining access to renewable and affordable power for the first time! We've all heard about the fires in the Amazon, and Cool Earth are working hard to support indigenous communities and support them to replant forests and defend what is still there. We've been walking to try and raise money for these two brilliant causes - so we'd love your support, even if you can only spare a little, to help nudge us to our financial goal too:

Add your support today

Our walk on Dartmoor came with a few surprises. Not only did it involve crossing deep water multiple times, and the path disappearing along the way, but we came across Childe's Tomb: an ancient Bronze age burial that was reused in the 1300s for a gruesome death. It was so bizarre we thought we'd share it with you:

In the 14th century, a landowner and huntsman got completely lost while hunting in a blizzard. So as it got dark, he killed his horse, disemboweled her and climbed inside for warmth (just like Luke Skywalker in Empire Strikes Back). Despite all this effort, he still froze to death and the huge mass of frozen remains were found the next day by a moorman. They were buried in a bronze age burial nearby, adding the cross to mark the spot! So weird.

Anyway, here's some of the pics from a great weekend! Time for a few weeks off before any more walking I think...(or not, we're walking next weekend...)

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