• Jack Wakefield

Stomping in the Surrey Hills

Twenty four of us gathered together in the Surrey Hills this morning to climb Box Hill in aid of our big Climate Climb. If you'd like to support our efforts, you can do so easily here.

With hats, scarves and boots at the ready we made it through the mist and mud.

The younger ones made the whole thing look easy by collecting up and carrying enough wood to build a cabin at the same time.

Once at the top, we stopped for lunch and a little magic show from Clark, much to the kids (and adults) amazement. There were a couple of moments where we stopped to check we weren't lost, but all in all it was a successful walk!

It's been a brilliant start to the climb, but I'm reminded that our real goal is to raise money for projects that help build a future that's free from climate change and while also creating jobs, and benefiting the poorest people.

Read more about the solutions & add your donation today

Thanks for supporting us so far. With three little walks and a total 600m ascent so far, I'm excited for the bigger climbs to begin. Next stop, North Pennines!