• Jack Wakefield

To summit up

We've done it!

Yesterday, along with ten others, we reached our Everest peak in the sunny Surrey Hills. A whole 8848 metres into the sky, or about the cruising height of a jet. It's been an amazing year - from crouching in the snow to avoid strong winds in Snowdonia, to getting a burnt nose and frozen toes on the same day camping in the Cairngorms, to many many many occasions of looking at the map wondering where we missed the turning or wondering if the footpath on the map even exists...

It's been such a joy to explore so many beautiful places around Britain, and to do so with lots of friends & family along the way. If you've been part of the year - by walking, sponsoring, or both - then thank you thank you thank you! You kept us going on those days where walking was really the last thing either of us wanted to do.

For the past year, we've been doing these walks and writing these blogs to help raise money for two fab charities working to limit climate change and see people escape poverty.

Cool Earth work alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change. According to Drawdown, protecting rainforests is one of the most effective ways to prevent climate change from getting worse, and CoolEarth's model is empowering and community-led.

Tearfund is a Christian charity, helping communities to overcome poverty and live life to the full. By supporting communities gain access to renewable energy, they're helping some of the 1 billion people without power to have cheap, clean and more reliable electricity while avoiding future dependency on fossil fuels.

We're still just a few donations away from our goal.

Can you add your support today and help us reach our target?

But we know there's so much more to do to address the climate crisis than just donating - it's going to take all of us living differently and speaking up to world leaders. We hope our year of adventuring in the UK has helped you see how much there is to see and do just on our little island, without needing to fly anywhere else. It's certainly opened our eyes to how many beautiful places we can get to, and almost all of it by public transport too! I think we're both looking forward to visiting lots of the national parks again over the next few years.

Although our Everest challenge may be finished, here's to many more days exploring and all of us finding fun and exciting ways to care for this beautiful planet.

And finally, here's some pics of the sunny Surrey Hills and our final walk this weekend (thanks Kate Moreton for lots of these!):